A Cat Condo Is A Fantastic Choice For Your Apartment Dwelling Pet

A Cat Condo Is A Fantastic Choice For Your Apartment Dwelling Pet

Everyone would love to make a cat tree if they knew the steps to do so. There are several ways to make a cat tree so that your friend will be able to have a lot of fun climbing and scratching on a jungle gym of fun. For those who have learned to build cat trees, know that there are several steps involved and it takes the right about of skill to be able to make it nice. There are simple ways to get the right cat tree that your cats are going to like if you have the right plan to go with to begin with. You have to know that your cat is going to like anything that they can climb on and have fun with. Follow these steps to build your own cat tree:

1.Bathe the wind fall tree limbs by using a size of two inches or more in a big container of pesticide for the duration of fourteen days before you do your tree project. For several days and nights, allow it to dry out. To make a cat tree, you have to be able to follow step by step.

2.The moment branches are dry, go for the tallest area with the largest diameter. Blend concrete and then position the end of the area right into a giant can. Fill the excess with the can with gravel. Fill the can with moist the concrete blend and give it time to set. Use a little bit of an angle as it will be more intriguing for your cat condo. Cover the base with carpet scraps to disguise the molding items if you decide not to use concrete.

3.Establish platforms working with the dowel rods, scrap plywood, and branches. Make at the least three amounts. Drill holes in the trunk of the tree to insert dowel rods. Apply carpenter’s glue in the gap and also to the end in the dowel rod. Screw in the rods to be sure it is secure. Make certain the platforms are substantial enough to maintain two or extra cats easily as well.

4.Cover platforms with carpet scraps or minimize braided rugs and glue into site. Hang toys, feathers, balls as well as other rotating things from a skinny string. The cord will need to be able to be cut easily in a situation that your feline will get a claw or tooth caught. You’re going to be an expert when you want to build cat trees again.

At the end of everything, you are going to want to have fun with your cat tree. To make a cat tree, you only need to follow the above steps and your cat will love that you have the right amount of love towards them. In order to build cat trees, you have to have a certain amount of patience. You have to show that you care and you are going to save yourself a lot of money including being able to do a fun little project.